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Political power is often sought for the wrong reasons.  Impacting change in a community requires people who are committed and serious to have a resource to help make their vision a reality.

What do you want to accomplish? Let Win Vote Consultants start you on the road to political victory.


Win Vote Consultants builds campaigns to fit the strategic setting of specific races and does not rely on a single campaign methodology or pattern. Campaign elements include direct mail, cable and network television ads, radio commercials, newspaper ads, outdoor billboard media, websites, vote-by-mail programs, door to door canvassing, phonebanking and email just to name a few.


Win Vote Consultants has provided services to political, educational, non-profit and corporate clients. worked with elected officials and staff and has served as liaison to elected officials and government agencies for clients. He has also worked with community groups in the areas of land use planning, negotiation and consensus building.


Win Vote Consultants has worked with candidates of various ethnicities, has provided professional service and quality products on short timelines, and has won campaigns against well-known candidates and campaign managers, in races where the opposition was heavily financed.


Our vision to provide a place for people who sincerely want to impact their community through positive change and action to have the best possible opportunity to affect public policy by being in the position to implement that change through public service.

  • Political Campaign Management

  • Political Campaign Consulting

  • Issue Management

  • Political Strategist

  • Direct Mail

  • Political Website Development

  • Political Canvassing

  • Polling

  • Election Data

  • Specialized Mailings (Potholders, Refrigerator Magnets, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Buttons, etc.)

  • Media Training

  • Campaign Training

  •  Door to Door Canvassing

  •  Social Media

  • Political Photography

  • Political Videography

  • Cable Media Production

  • Network Media Placement

  • Radio Ads

  • Robo Calls

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